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National Service Dealer of the Year 2020

This prestigious service award was awarded to Sachin Muniasiah during the annual dealer awards.

Sachin said:

“I am very proud of this achievement especially taking into consideration that the country was in the worst pandemic recorded. We still managed to uplift our service responsibilities and also made sure our customers were retained and we exceeded their expectations. I would like to thank the whole team on this achievement, well done to all of you!”

Hino Parts Marketing 2020

This award was awarded to Trevor Mohan during the annual dealer awards.

Trevor said:

“I am very proud of this achievement and would like to thank my whole team for putting in all the extra efforts. Even though last year was a very tough year for the whole country, we still managed to retain all our customers and exceed their expectations.”

Ruby award and Hino Knights of the year 2019 and 2020

This award was awarded to Trevor Mohan during the annual dealer awards.

Vinny Naidoo said:

“I am immensely grateful for this award. Even my self-belief will be improved by this award and help me to attain success in the future. It is difficult for me to express my gratefulness for having all the support, time effort put in by the Hino Shelly Beach Team in these difficult times. To be selected for this honour of Knight of the Year twice in a row, is a great privilege. I do my utmost best to represent the company in a positive way. I still have much to learn but with continued support and encouragement from colleagues and customers I know I can accomplish a great deal. I plan to do all I can to preserve our positive working environment and helping the company and our community prosper.

Without the Hino Shelly Beach and Halfway group none of this would have been possible.

To Gansen Chetty and the Hino Shelly Team. I thank you.”